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Welcome To AgatesRock.com

Agate, jasper, chalcedony. chert, flint and opal are but a few of the many names given to cryptocrystalline quartz or gem silicon dioxide.  Composed of one of the earth’s most abundant minerals, silicon dioxide is evident globally in the form of sand. The transformation of the mundane into the extraordinary has captivated mankind for thousands of years, but it is not the science of geology or mineralogy that motivates collectors from every continent to seek the finest stones.

What is it that fascinates us so?

Imagine the vibrant plumage of an exotic bird or the brightly colored petals of a tropical flower, frozen in time, perfect for all eternity. It would seem impossibility; intense beauty is often fleeting, yet nature provides just such a splendid display in the immortal beauty of agates. Hidden within the earth for as long as a billion years, agates come to light with an irresistible lure, creating a desire among the receptive that can not be denied.

One need not be young and impressionable to fall for the charms of a fine specimen and often, a single exposure becomes the catalyst for a change of destiny. The mystical power of the agate seeps into the spirit and seekers are born among us.

Discoveries from the most remote corners of the earth unite the inoculated. The great collectors and the great collections of the world grow closer. Magically we share our good “rock” fortunes with our kindred spirits, at the touch of a keyboard button.

Here we will share natures enduring beauty in the glassy bands of agates, the swirling patterns of color in the jaspers and the awesome preservation of the past as it shines from ancient petrified life. The fascination doesn’t end with specimens for your collection, it begins there…

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